Campbells tomato soup essay contest winners

Congrats to Michelle M. Congrats to Ruth H.

Campbell's Partners With 'American Dreams,' Scholastic for Promotion

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Why Are We So Dependent on Tomato Bisque?

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Gordon Ramsay's Roasted Tomato Soup

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Joseph's Table St. Martin's St. Patrick St. Patrick's Day St. Patrick's Day recipe ideas St. Patrick's Day recipes St. Tuesday, September 1, Tomato Gorgonzola Soup. I was one of those oddballs who was excited about each new school year. All through grammar, high school, and college I always, always enjoyed the beginning of school and was thrilled by the possibilities it held. To this day, a crisp fall day brings back all those feelings, that great sense of possibility. Good thing, because I'm about to embark on a new manuscript Fall means soup to me.

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And, if you remember, I was hoping to recreate two appetizers from a wonderful downtown Chicago dinner. I will use this recipe over and over. You may also recall that my oven died. I have to admit, my tomato-gorgonzola is not nearly as good as the one at Marche restaurant. Add in tomatoes and basil and simmer for about 40 minutes, until the mixture is more soup than solid. Transfer the mi xture to a blender and puree until all the chunks are gone. Return mixture to the pot, add cream, and turn heat to low.

Add cheese to the pot, a little at a time. Simmer the soup for about another 30 minutes until the cheese is fully blended into the mixture. Serve hot, garnished with chopped chives. Simmer, then add basil and gorgonzola. Heat through until gorgonzola is well blended. Serve, garnished with fresh chives.

You know that the White House Chef often arranges for taste-tests for the First Lady before official functions, right? Well, I decided to hold my own taste-test here at home with my two tomato soup versions. The lighter colored one is the version made with fresh tomatoes. We tried them side-by-side and no one in the family knew which was which except me. The hands down winner? The fresh-tomato version was tasty, but a little light on body. Too soupy and thin. I think I need to try this again much later. The cartoon cat was shown consuming a fair amount of Campbell's child-targeted Goldfish crackers.

Ads and movie trailers featured the feline snacking on Goldfish, and the product itself, in a somewhat cannibalistic twist, is being offered in a Garfield shape. Now, to make its tomato soup relevant among teens, Campbell will launch an essay contest asking to year-olds to describe "How does your American Dream compare to that of your parents?

LKHA Alumni Yelena Shuster

Campbell will also link with Scholastic to launch an in-school program teaching the history of the s period in which the series is set. In addition to looking at sales of Tomato Soup following the effort, Campbell will also conduct brand equity research that asks teens if they see the brand as more versatile and contemporary than before the promotion.

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