Cell phone use while driving should banned essay

One reason I think cell phones should be banned is because driver are causing lot of car accident.

Several studies show cell phones are a leading cause over deaths and a half million injuries each year. According to the results in recent study, the indication from the result of different accidents tells and shows that driving while on a cell phone does seem to be a serious problem. Studies have proved that drivers who use cell phones while driving are more prone to cause accidents. Driving while using a cell phone to drunk driving, in both cases, a person does not have enough focus and mentally capacity to carry out a potentially dangerous activity like driving.

If you have this habit, do not forget about this also. Banning cell phone while driving will keep a safe distance from accidents. One cannot focus fully on the road and the other vehicles, if one keeps talking on phone consistently while driving. Another reason and perhaps a more tangible reason to ban the usage of cell phones while driving, is to prevent car insurance from rising.

121. Smoking is banned, so cell phones also should be banned

In society, money is tight when it comes to doing different thing with the way the economy is now. If you can, try being careful because the money you put towards careless accident that can be prevented can be put toward a light bill, etc. The more the number of tickets you attract against your name, the higher the insurance will be. In recent studies companies are paying close attention to the link between cell phone use and car accident and many This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience.

Should Cellphone Use by Drivers Be Illegal?

Got it! Learn more. Loading: Checking Spelling. Read more. Cell Phones Should Be Banned in Schools words - 3 pages People in many schools regularly sneak around on their cell phones, trying to hide them from teachers or administrators. Cell phones were originally against school rules. Honestly it makes a lot of since for students not to be able to use their cell phones during school hours.


Cell phones should be banned in schools because they distract students, allow cheating in Schools, and they can be dangerous. Cell phones distract students in school. Cell phones should be banned from classrooms words - 3 pages must be eradicated from our classrooms all around the world. Cell phones should be banned in the classroom because they distract students from learning by encouraging cyber bullying, sexting and texting. Cyber bullying refers to the bullying of someone via the social media. Our cell phones are so hi-tech today that you can be on Facebook, text, kik and even Skype.

When students walk into classroom with their cell phones, it is either to text, cyber. There is no question that cell phone use while driving is a dangerous distraction. Not only do I think cell phones should never be used while driving, I also think it should be illegal.

Is using cellphones while driving acceptable or should be banned essay

Virgin Islands prohibit all drivers from using hand-held cell phones while driving. Keeping this in mind the use of cell phones have become an affair when it comes to allowing teens to use them in educational environments, such as schools. One part of society supports the use of cell phones while the other part of society disapproves the use of cell phones. I personally believe that cell phones should not only be. However, should the same restriction be imposed in regards to using cell phones in classrooms?

Opinions definitely vary. Taking deep consideration of all.

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Use of Cell Phones While Driving words - 5 pages states have a variety of laws on distracted driving. Use of such devices while driving results in distracted driving behavior and is dangerous. While operating a motor vehicle, both hands should be on the wheel, allowing the driver full control of the vehicle. Mobile phones used to be for most businessmen and doctors for emergencies and business calls.

Today, Why are they used as leisure toys?

Students are equipped with a mobile phone as ordinarily as with lunchboxes. This is sickening. This new technology brings new ways steal, cheat, bully and act irresponsibly. However, they underestimate the risk and potential danger of talking or texting using their cell phones while driving. What is the most dangerous about the cell phone use and texting while driving is the lack of sense of danger. The latter means that people do not expect getting in troubles because of the cell phone use or texting while driving.

Such unawareness makes people careless and, thus, extremely dangerous in regard to their own health and life as well as to the health and life of other people. In such a context, it is necessary to understand the scope of the problem of the cell phone use and texting while driving a car.

In this respect, it is possible to refer to numerous accidents which occur regularly and en masse because of the use of cell phones and texting while driving.

Using Cell phones while driving Essay Example

Many people get into accidents because they talk via their cell phone or because they are texting while driving. Moreover, the number of accidents provoked by the cell phone use and texting while driving increases steadily. At the same time, it is important to understand the actual cause of accidents involving the cell phone use and texting while driving.

In fact, a cell phone itself is not actually a problem or cause of accident. The problem is the human attention which is crucial while driving a vehicle.

People often forget that they have to stay concentrated on their driving all the time they drive their car because whatever happens on the road, drivers should react immediately to avert an accident. Often it is impossible to foresee what happens next right in front of your car. Hence, the total concentration of attention while driving is essential. As people start using their cell phone or texting while driving, they distract their attention because they need to focus on talking or texting instead of their driving.