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His subject matter usually deals with the physical, emotional, and intellectual responses of ordinary people confronted by extraordinary, extreme experiences. Fairly common themes are presented in his writing, including fallen humanity and. The standards Cawelti has set forth for a successful Western is quite minimal by thought, but at the same time relevant. Crane signifies a different perspective to these standards.

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Crane's thoughts for the use of the Western formula are just approaches towards the west, from the introductory setting to the coarse grin one cowboy would make towards another. These do not in fact relate to Cawelti's Western formula. Crane's deviation from the formula western. The story takes place in the South after the Civil War. The time period also comes out through the language in his writing referring to African-Americans as Negros and to Northerners as Yankees.

It soon becomes obvious that Faulkner must have been raised in the same time and place this story takes place. Communities do not.

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As I read this story I felt like my inner-voice was developing a Southern Drawl. It soon becomes quite obvious that Faulkner must have been raised in the same time and place this story takes place. According to Eric Solomon, "both authors…used humor to comment on the flaws of traditional fictional processes" While employing parody of the Western literary tradition, Crane also uses realism to depict the influence of the East on the West. In "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky," Stephen Crane uses symbolism to develop his study of the changes effected on the West and the roles of its inhabitants by the encroachment of eastern society.

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Potter is embarrassed in the great eastern train car. He is not accustomed to the fancy Victorian environment, and neither is his wife. Potter is also worried about the act of his marriage itself.

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He felt "the shadow of a deed weigh upon him like a leaden slab. He, the town marshal of Yellow Sky, a man known, liked, and feared in his corner… [had married] without consulting Yellow Sky for any part of the transaction" Crane Potter had defiled the idea of the "Marshal, a figure fearsome and independent" Solomon Potter also ignored the Western tradition of partnership and consulting one's friends before marriage. He has told no one and is quietly attempting to sneak his bride back into town.

This bride is the catalyst of change that is sure to wreak havoc on the social structure of Yellow Sky, and Potter knows it. The Story The story is about the efforts of Jack Potter, the marshal of the town in bringing his new wife to Yellow Sky. He went all the way to San Antonio to fetch his wife and transported her via train. Yellow Sky is a frontier town in Texas at a time when the civilization is encroaching upon the environment of the Old West. By the end of the story, however, Crane does away with the typical idea feature of a Western—the gunfight and seems to proclaim that the end of violent gunfight and duels is at an end.

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The story has four parts and it shows the interaction of the character with the environment and the society that he has. Surprisingly, the wife of Jack Potter does not have a name. In this section of the story, Crane masterfully shows the lack of orientation of Jack and his wife to the luxury and the elegance of the train. This individual at times surveyed them from afar with an amused and superior grin. Clearly, the couple appeared to be simple compared with the luxurious train that they were traveling in that even the negro porter looked at them with disdain.

As the train nears Yellow Sky, Jack Porter becomes anxious and restless.

Stephen Crane’s The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky

Apparently, he feels guilty over leaving the town without much of an announcement of where he is going and what his purposes in leaving was. There appear to be two possibilities as to the guilt of Jack. This also explains why in the story, Jack Porter leads his wife quietly to the place where they will stay.

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  • Crane then shows the two adversaries—Scratchy Wilson and Jack Porter through the eyes of the six men and the Eastern drummer at the Gentleman Saloon. As the drummer recounts a story, the door of the Saloon opens with another man saying that Scratchy Wilson is drunk and is looking for his enemy, Jack Porter. This incident builds up the expectation that some shooting will occur in the vicinity.

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    • Scratchy is further introduced as one of the last member of the gang to hang out in Yellow Sky. Scratchy then appears in the third part of the story and he is portrayed complete with the gun and swaying gait that cowboys have in Western stories.

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      Stories set in the American West have already achieved the level of legend and portrays elements of heroic literature Cortese Scratchy then begins shooting in the area, which is tantamount to issuing a challenge against anyone who cares for a gunfight.