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English: Like Water for Chocolate and Mama Elena Essay

With the chapters organized by month, and starting off with a coordinating recipe, the reader easily follows Tita step by step on her journey. Magical realism is a writing style that needs to be handled delicately. When done wrong, the reader can get lost in the extremes of the fantasy and not be able to fully appreciate the metaphors and symbols within the magic. And while the book sometimes falls victim to this, it is evident that overall, Laura Esquivel appreciates the delicacy and subtlety that magical realism requires. The evidence of her knowledge can be seen in a few different places.

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This style of narration works well for Esquivel because she introduces magical realism right away, buy having the story told by a third party makes the wild descriptions sound more like a folks tale. This allows the reader to appreciate the symbol for what it is instead of getting lost in the over exaggerations.

There are multiple scenarios in the book where after eating the food that Tita has prepared that the characters adopt those emotions, which Tita can not embrace, and express them in an exaggerated manor. Every reader can find negatives in a book, but this novel has few enough that the experience is not tarnished and very enjoyable. For a reader, not familiar with the style, this is a perfect way to start. Times go by, and the author depicts the situation when Tita is getting ready for the wedding of Esperenza and Alex — Rosaura has succumbed to serious digestive problems and her daughter is finally free to choose to be with the love of her life.

At the wedding, Pedro asks Tita to marry him stating that he cannot imagine that he would spend the rest of his life without her and will die without even knowing how it is to be married to her. Tita accepts his proposal and Pedro leaves the life whole making love with his wife in the storage room of the kitchen right after the wedding ceremony.

The magic appears and the candles are lighted by the passion of their memories, creating a devouring fire which engulfs the two of them and causing their deaths in a peaceful union of love. The ranch is totally destroyed as well as the land fertility under the ranch declines drastically.

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It is important to note that behind the magical events a much deeper meaning is found, Laura Esquivel used the genre to show the bothering problems of the whole society, namely the concept of the Mexican Revolution which shows that despite the disasters it brings into the lives of the citizens, the true emotions will always be there in any time and in any place. The Mexican Revolution was a time of a great change for the whole country outlining the conflict created by new, innovative forces against the old political power.

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These wars feature the relationship between the family members very brightly stressing on the need of some progress, a revolution between the rules existing in the small unit which reflects the needs of a larger community Secret Meaning of the Mexican Revolution, Our friendly support representatives are always ready to respond to all your questions and requests.

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Magical Realism : Like Water For Chocolate

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